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The continued generosity and loyalty of our members is greatly appreciated and essential to our future. Members are the backbone of not-for-profit organizations. We are now entering the third season at Temple Beth Israel. Everyone has been thrilled to attend programs in the beautiful TBI facility and to continue to enjoy the stimulating variety of programs provided for adult enrichment. The Education Center at Temple Beth Israel is committed to offering arts, culture, and educational programs for our community. The school is secular. A desire to continue learning is the only prerequisite. Our mission is to keep minds active and spirits young!
Isaac Azerad, Temple Beth Israel’s executive director, provides enduring support for The Education Center’s mission. Charity Kurtyka, our program administrator, and Carl Kurtyka, the technical director, will continue to administrate and provide technical support, which they do with superb skills and a true commitment to giving the best possible experience to our students and faculty.
Most of our popular programs will be returning for the 2023-2024 season, as well as many exciting new programs with new presenters and fun events. Lecture Series 2024, Performing Arts Series, Live New Orleans Jazz Nights with Kid Dutch and his fabulous musicians, Foreign Film Fest, Jewish/Israeli Film Festival, Exclusive Engagements, Special Thursdays, and Happy Hour Bands are all being scheduled, as well as the perennial favorites such as book and movie discussions, birding, nature walks, Monday afternoon films, painting, mah jongg, canasta, Broadway bios, and much more! Over 150 programs await! If you would like to inquire about a particular teacher, lecturer, performer, workshop leader or a program that you have enjoyed in the past and hope will be in the 2023-2024 lineup at the Education Center, do not hesitate to call me, 941-920-2967, or email me, There is also a survey enclosed. We look forward to your feedback and are always listening!

All 2022-2023 memberships expire May 31, 2023. We encourage you to become a 2023-2024 member NOW to take full advantage of all your membership benefits. Members will enjoy many great perks of membership, all of which are listed on the back of this letter. Our upcoming season promises to be outstanding! I eagerly look forward to seeing everyone at Temple Beth Israel next season where we provide everything under the sun to learn and enjoy!

Sincerely yours,
Susan Goldfarb
Education Program Director at Temple Beth Israel

Membership Has Its Advantages!

• MEMBERS GET FIRST CHOICE. Members receive our brochure by First Class Mail a full month before non-members.  Note: The brochure will be mailed by the end of August to Members and mid-September to Non-Members.) This head start allows members to register early and almost always get first choice of popular programs. With limited class sizes this membership perk will serve you well! In addition, Members will be given “priority” to the programs that require limited numbers of students in a classroom.   

• MEMBERS PAY LESS. Members pay an average of $10 less than non-member prices for most programs. For the Full Series Lecture Series, members save $60!  Memberships at the Contributor level and above enjoy even more savings

• MEMBERS GET CREDIT. Membership is also a form of cancellation insurance. Only members are entitled to apply for credit for withdrawals from programs they have registered for but cannot attend.


Your membership at Temple Beth Israel automatically designates you as a member of The Education Center at TBI at either the “individual” or “couple” membership level. We invite you to consider supporting our efforts further by upgrading your membership level for more benefits and perks.

P.S.  Dear Canadians and Europeans:  Due to the prohibitive cost of postage to Canada (and Europe), only those of you who  become Members will receive a brochure by mail. We sure hope to see our wonderful Canadians in 2021-2022!

 NOTE: FOR MEMBERSHIP PAYMENT METHODS please check the information on the Membership Application card enclosed. Another option for paying by credit card, other than filling out your credit card information on the Membership Application card, is to email us at Simply give us your phone number and state that you want to pay for your membership by credit card. We will contact you by phone for the credit card information to finalize the payment.

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