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Susan Gets off Her Yoga Mat After 30 Years

Susan Gets off Her Yoga Mat After 30 Years



Longboat Key Education Center Celebrates 30 Years of Passion



Some people have a knack for knowing what people want. When leading a non-profit organization that depends on fees paid by participants for its very existence, responding to people’s desires becomes crucial. Since 1986 Susan Goldfarb has been affiliated with The Longboat Key Education Center and took over the reins as Executive Director in 1997 with the sole purpose of giving people what they want in workshops, lectures, jazz nights, performing arts, films, and day trips. “Laura Taubes, an educator from Scarsdale, founded the Center in 1985 in a charming building where the Longboat Key Observer is now. I did some public relations for Laura and we became good friends. One day at lunch she said she was stepping down and asked if I would take over the Center,” Susan recalls. More…

Fitness classes are only the beginning of Ed Center choices

Date: September 24, 2014
by: Molly Schechter | Contributing Writer

There’s a Longboat Key phenomenon that happens annually right after the tourist traffic finally fades because kids are going back to school and right before the car carriers start to unload their seasonal shipments. It is the arrival of the humble-in-appearance but ever so rich-in-content catalog from the Longboat Key Education Center. The cover blasts a slogan conceived long ago by Executive Director Susan Goldfarb’s late husband, Richard: “Like college, only better!” The artwork is an hourglass shape of stacked type, a graphic list of the amazing array of learning opportunities for the coming season. More...